Willows Painter & Decorator provide interior and exterior painting and decorating services to Market Bosworth and surrounding villages and towns in Leichestershire an d Warwickshire.
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Willows Painter & Decorator
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Terms & Conditions

In order to provide an efficient, reliable and affordable service to our customers we operate under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Quotes, estimates and general enquires are and always will be free. Please never hesitate to get in touch.
  2. If a quote is accepted to finish off a previous companies painting and decorating work, a deposit of 50% is required regardless of the reason for the company not completing the work. The name and telephone number of the previous painting company is also required for reference. At random, some companies maybe contacted.
  3. Once a quote has been agreed and accepted a small deposit is required. Typically this will be between 10%-20% of the total cost quoted. This is to cover the cost of purchasing any materials as well as booking adequate time in to our schedule to complete the agreed work.
  4. This deposit is none refundable if you choose to cancel the agreed work.
  5. If Willows Painter & Decorator attend the work site on the agreed date and for any reason outside of our control are unable to start work then charges will apply. This may include loss of deposit; a day rate of £200 (extra charges may apply on weekends and other times outside of standard working hours) for each lost days work. Possible reasons include (but are not limited to): lack of access to room/s, uncompleted works, health & safety concerns. It does not apply if we can't start work due to poor weather.
  6. As standard two coats of paint are used unless explicitly specified in the initial quote. Additional charges will apply if more than two coats of paint/stain are requested and/or needed. Charges will be for the total time required to finish the extra works, not just the application time of paint/stain. This could incur an extra day rate charge of £200 (extra charges may apply on weekends and other times outside of standard working hours).
  7. In the event that the customer asks Willows to choose a paint/stain colour, the customer is responsible for costs incurred in changing this colour if they subsequently don't like it.
  8. Upon completion of the work an invoice will be issued.
  9. Full and final Payment must be made on the final day of completion.
  10. If full payment is not received within 7 days Willows reserves the right to add an additional 10% on to labour charges.

Of course if you have any questions about the points above please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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